How to ENJOY your life in The Hague!

For everyone entering a new country, in this case, the Netherlands, I always advise to get all the information you can as quickly as you can… When I arrived here in 2005, I didn’t know anyone. I was the accompanying partner, mother of a son, not really knowing […]

Stille Nacht & Astro del Ciel

One of my favourite German Christmas carols is Stille Nacht (heilige Nacht), not only because its message and the sweet memories singing it with my parents at Christmas when I was a child, but also because there is also an Italian version of it, with the same melody, but different words. The lyrics […]

Repair instead of buying new

With the month of October fast approaching, as a buy-nothing-new-month “celebrated” in other countries too, when I saw this post on my timeline this morning, I remembered that I saw some Repair Cafés in Germany recently. I wasn’t really surprised to find out that the Repair Café was initiated […]