Expat-Blog.com is now Expat.com

Expat Blog which has been launched in 2005, provides information and advice to those living or wishing to live in the Netherlands. “The website was first launched as a directory of expatriates’ blogs all around the world. During 10 years of service, it has evolved into a real […]

The Christmas jumper…

Since we are living in a highly international environment, I am constantly fascinated by the different cultures, beliefs, traditions and even though I think that I “get it” most of the times, there are – now and then – details that I want to understand. So, there comes […]

Third generation of international children

Are you raising your children abroad? Are you trying (almost) everything to transmit your cultural heritage and your mothertongue? When our children are second – or third, fourth etc – generation of international children, transmitting cultural heritage and language becomes a real challenge. If your child is first […]