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Ute Limacher-Riebold

Language Consultant, Intercultural Communication Trainer and Language Lover at Ute's International Lounge.

Biking in the Netherlands

When you come to the Netherlands you will notice that you entered the fietsland. The bicycle-country par excellence! In the Netherlands 27% of all trips and 25% of trips to work are made by bike. About 1.3 million bicycles were sold in the Netherlands in 2009, at an […]

The magic three for TCK’s?

Are three years a common time limit to friendships, stays etc. for TCK’s? In a recent discussion among TCK’s on a social network, a young TCK talked about her difficulty about “holding onto friendships long-term” and about tending to “start cutting bonds around 3 years into a friendship”. […]

The Sunshine Award!

I would like to thank  Germerican Denglish for nominating me for the blogger-to-blogger Sunshine Award! It is an award for writing positive and inspiring articles and for bringing some “sunshine into the lives of others”: I very humbly accept. In his blog Germerican Denglish writes interesting, funny and entertaining […]