Raising TCK's

They Will Call You…

This is a brilliantly written article about what people often call TCK’s. I only see one problem. In order to pass the stage of calling a TCK all those things listed up, and finally getting to call him or her “friend”, people need time and energy. They must be persistent and willing to become friend of this TCK. But TCK’s tend to be impatient…

Third Culture Kid Life

They-Will-Call-You-BannerThey will call you different, because to them you are oddly out of place. The way words roll off your tongue, the way an accent they do not recognize leaps into a single word, the way you present yourself at formal events, hold your knife and fork, choose foreign foods over domestic, or travel without a visa. You would seem so different, if only in the slightest of ways, that they will separate you from their world due to a lack of understanding.

They will call you a foreigner, because your passport say so, because your birth country isn’t here, because your parents prove it, because your family lives so far away, because you use the word “home” to mean so many different places, even where you are now. But they won’t hear that. They won’t remember that you called this place home, because that is normal, and everyone says…

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