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Bilingual children: (re)introducing a family language

It’s never too late, but if you decide to re-introduce a family language, there are some things to consider.

multilingual families raising bilingual children

Bilingual children: (re)introducing a family language

As the benefits of bilingualism are getting more widely known and the old myths about it dispelled, more and more parents decide to pass on the family languages to their children, giving them the gift of an additional language, fantastic! But what if everything doesn’t go to plan and your baby grows up to be a toddler, school kid or teenager who can or will not speak your language? How can you (re)introduce it?

First of all, be prepared for some hard work – the amount of determination and patience you need to succeed is in direct relation to:
a. how old your children are (the younger they are, the easier it is),
b. how much they know of your language, are they receptive bilinguals? (the more they know, the easier it is) and
c. how well you can motivate them to learn it (the more motivated they are…

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