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A summer in the city of The Hague in 2013

If you are going to spend your summer holidays in the The Hague area and are looking for some activities for your kids, here is a list with what you can do.


You can try to get a vakantiepas for your children. It is a booklet  which contains discounts for all kinds of fun summer activities in The Hague and surroundings, a sort of “passport to the summer holidays”. You can also buy a vakantiepas “for friends and family members up to the age of 12 who live outside of The Hague”.

Activities for children and play areas

On this site you can find plenty of activities for kids. If you are looking for guided activities where your children can learn some outdoor skills, like building with wood (small houses, castles etc.) there are several buitenspeelplaatsen (outdoor playgrounds). There is always an EHBO (Erste Hulp Bij Ongelukken: “First Aid Helper”) present on these playgrounds. – Unfortunately I couldn’t find an english translation for this page (some vocabulary: “dagelijks”: every day; “behalve”: except; if you need more help on this site, just let me know and I’ll translate it for you). You can sign them up (“aanmelden”) on the same page.

The Hague has more than 400 play areas throughout the city. Please find some of them highlighted here.

The biggest attraction and outdoor playground is the beach. On the 11 km coastline between Kijkduin and Scheveningen you can also have beautiful walks through the dunes. The beachclubs between Kijkduin, Scheveningen , Wassenaar and Noordwijk you can chill, relax and eat the whole day until the sunset.


Please check out this article, published after this post on DutchNews about the beaches in the Netherlands.

The Hague has also 17  parks and recreational areas where you can walk, play and just relax. On the Dutch municipal homepage you can find more informations about the beautiful parks.

Park Clingendael, Den Haag

Park Clingendael, Den Haag (Photo credit: ekenitr)

And if you like your children to play in the nature and you don’t mind to go a bit outside The Hague area, there are  Speelpolders, where your children can play for free during the whole year (as there are some canals etc, be sure to stay close to your children).

Camps for children

If you are looking for camps for children from 4 to 14 years, you’ll find multi-sportcamps, surfcamps, tenniscamps, a 5 extreme camp and dutch learning modules on this site. The first is from July 22nd until July 26th and the second from August 19th until August 23rd.

Outings in The Hague area

If you are just looking for some outings in The Hague and surroundings, you can find some hints in my post A few cultural outings in The Hague area and a list with the actual exhibitions here.

Kids Tour in The Hague

The Hague offers also two tours for kids. One tour is a cycling tour through the city of The Hague and takes you to the Peace Palast, Humanity House, Plein and Lange Voorhout. The other tour is a walking tour through The Hague’s International Zone. You can find a new version of the Kids Tour on the site as downloadable pdf file.

“The Kids Tour was developed on behalf of The Hague Bridge, a programme initiated by the City of The Hague. The Hague Bridge project brings together local residents (Hagenaars) and expats and better acquaints local residents with the international city.”

The Peace Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, wh...

The Peace Palace in
The Hague, Netherlands, which is the seat of the International Court of
Justice. Français : Le Palais de la Paix, siège de la Cour
internationale de Justice à La Haye (Pays-Bas). (Photo credit:

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  1. This is great information. Sure wish I had it last summer when we were there for three months. I found it very hard to find information in English about family activities etc. And then to coordinate bus travel. But we still had a lovely time as we lived 5 minutes to the beach:)

    • Hi Kate, thank you for your reply. I know that it’s not easy to find information in English about family activities, in fact, I’m planning to set up a guide for families in The Hague with some friends of mine, but obviously, this didn’t help you. – I just may recommend to ask at tourist offices – but I guess they sometimes are not aware of all the possibilities either…

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