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Sinterklaas in the Netherlands: mid November til 5 December

In addition to general informations about Sinterklaas’ arrival to the Netherlands mid November, there is a very important period between his arrival and the 5th December, when Sinterklaasavond (or Pakjesavond) is celebrated. Here in the Netherlands, these are actually very busy weeks for children, parents as well as […]

En Sinterklaas is er weer!

If you live in the Netherlands, today you will experience how a whole country – children and adults! – are gek (crazy) about Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas (also known as Sint Nicolaas or Sint Nikolaas, Saint Nicolas in French, Sankt Nikolaus in German) is the traditional Winter holiday figure celebrated […]

My home are my languages

For my first post I took some inspiration from other blogs I’ve followed. A particular one caught my interest, which felt like having written it myself. – It was a post from Annabelle wondering what her daughter would consider to be her home and language when asked “Where are […]