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Best US Campgrounds for Fall Colors of 2017 – Catching the Nature’s Art

by Melanie Campbell

Have you thought about going on a camping trip with your family? Well, the fall is the best season to do it! The color variations and sceneries in the wilderness create most beautiful pictures nature can compose. The openness of the wild and the colors mixed in the fall season truly clams the mid and the soul. There are a lot of choices for such experiences during the fall season, and one of the best US campgrounds for fall colors are listed below. Check them out, and you might find the right destination for you.

Dolly Copp, New Hampshire

Dolly Copp, New Hampshire © Melanie Campbell, 2017

The historic Dolly Copp Campground provides access to some of the most popular hikes in the area of White Mountains. With its lush forests, it is a definite choice for fall camping to catch all the colors of the season. You will experience spectacular mountain views, and you will have access to numerous outdoor recreations. Dolly Copp is surrounded with mixed hardwood, including spruce and pine. The forest in the area is home to many species of wildlife, including white-tailed deer, moose, and black bear. You should be prepared for the weather since it’s very unpredictable, you can face rain and snow even during summer.

Attractions for visitors include hiking trails, mountain biking trails, rock climbing routes, and you can even find shops, supplies, and restaurants in nearby towns. If you happen to catch a clear weather, you can try to drive up the Mount Washington Auto Road to experience the view from the Northeast’s highest peak. If you’re not confident enough to go alone, there are guided tours available.

The campground in Dolly Copp is a hub for hikes into the Carter-Moriah and Presidential Ranges. A lot of other trails can be accessed by taking a short drive. While spending time in this campground, you will learn more about recreation in a national forest by taking educational programs. The end of the camping season is the best because of the great opportunity for fall foliage views.

Lakeview Park Campground, Arkansas

Lakeview Park Campground, Arkansas © Melanie Campbell, 2017

This area is just perfect for camping, boating, fishing and water sports. It’s a very peaceful place to go and just relax by the water. It’s located on Bull Shoals Lake, in the scenic Ozark Mountains. It’s a large park with many wooden campsites. The lake is popular year-round as each season offers a new panorama. But the fall is the most beautiful one, hands down. Each winter more than 100 bald eagles can be found in the Bull Shoals area.

The Lakeview Park is a paradise for water sports. You can rent a boat and get supplies and guides. You can even compete in fishing tournaments in which the lake holds several state records. If you’re eager to take a walk after you’ve set up your camp (here’re some basic lessons on camping to help you), the trail begins right in the campground, and it goes for 1.5 miles. There are two large shelters in the campground, 78 campsites which are all equipped with electric hookups. Lakeview Park Campground is a great choice for families because it’s hooked up with hot showers, a dump station, flush toilets, boat ramp, swimming area and the playground for the kids.

Go around the lake, and you will find 20 other public parks and a lot of undeveloped lands to discover. There are additional swim areas around the lake which include 11 marinas. If you like camping near the calm water with your family, Lakeview Park will be a great destination for a family trip.

Raccoon Branch Campground, Virginia

Racoon Branch Campground, Virginia © Melanie Campbell, 2017

Nested at the base of Dickey Knob, Raccoon Branch Campground offers amazing mountain views, hiking trail access directly from campsites and mountain streams. You can access the Raccoon Branch and Dickey Creek right from the campground. A lot of people who already visited this campground agree that the best time to come and visit is during gorgeous fall foliage. It’s very easily reached from Interstate 81 by car from any of the surrounding cities.

The campground is elevated at 2880ft; it’s surrounded by pines, rhododendrons, and pines on a large grassy area. The creek gives you the opportunity for fishing and wading in the area, and you can experience some spectacular views of Rye Valley and Sugar Grove. To reach these views, you can use the Dickey Knob Trail. Every camping site accommodates tent camping and around half of them have electric hookups. Before you start planning your camping, make sure you have all the equipment you need. What’s good about this campground is that it has flush toilets, paved roads, drinking water and spurs along with the dump station.

Once you get at the Raccoon Branch, you will be greeted by the local volunteer who will be your host. The host will advise you about anything you might be interested in about the region. One of the most famous things in the region is, of course, the Appalachian Trail. The trail is one of the longest you can ever see; it extends more than two thousand miles throughout the mountains across fourteen states!


Any destination you choose, you will not be disappointed. You will absolutely adore its surroundings and wild nature. All of these areas have a lot of colors to offer which you can enjoy while camping in their campgrounds. Explore the surroundings, take a few pictures, and you might have the best time of your life! The memories will be one of your happiest for sure, and the most colorful ones as well. Hope you have a great time with your family and enjoy the untouched beauty of nature.


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