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Tips to encourage your kid to clean their room

by Sophia Evans


Every child once in a while is asking themselves, why they are kept getting told to clean and tidy up their room, and they wonder what does that mean. From their perspective, their room is perfectly fine and they are not bothered by all of the clutter or messy bedsheets, all they care about is to be kids and have fun. So that is why a parent should not approach this issue as if their child is doing something wrong, that only makes things worse. Instead, here are some helpful tips that will help your child maintain their room at least decently tidy.
You need to be present, especially if they are very young. You would probably say that if you are there you could just clean it yourself, and what will your child learn from that? They will subconsciously assume that they can always rely on their parent, and that is not a good lesson to learn, they need to know how to be independent. Have them organize and tidy up themselves while you stand right beside them and help them out if they need help. Something very important that you need to know is to not go and start nitpicking, they are doing their best and they don’t have any experience, do not ruin it for them.

What is your child’s room like? Our cleaning experts say that you should start from there. Is it big, is it small, does it have storage space or just four walls and a floor? Figure out what you can do that will help with the cleaning and organization of your child’s room.
One of the most simplest tasks to declutter a room is to put everything in one big pile on the bed.
Get your child to take off any toys from the bed and help them along with it. After that, let your child stretch the blanket and you take care of the details.
Now that the bed is clear, start collecting everything that both of you find to be not in its place and make a pile on the bed.
From there, start picking which item goes where and put it in labeled drawer, a basket for toys or a shelf.
Do this numerous times with your child and at one point stop and let them handle it themselves.
children room
Make a colorful chart with simple instructions of the tasks they need to complete to tidy up their room. Do not make the chart longer than it should be, three or four tasks should be enough, especially if your child is quite young.
Tasks like straightening the blanket; returning the toys in the toy basket or drawer; putting dirty clothes in the hamper and clean ones on hanger; that would be enough. They need to start from the small things and learn, this will have a very positive effect on their future.
The way you can proceed with convincing them to follow the chart you have made up can be done through their imagination. You should know what they are interested in, use that in your advantage. A good example would be to let them find it and letting them know that the good wizard requests from them to complete this quest, so that their room doesn’t get invaded by the mean chore goblins. – Of course, do not overdo it, you don’t want to disturb them, the goal is to get them excited.
So now that you have this knowledge, go out there and apply it.
Nurse your child to grow up and be an amazing responsible and organized person.


About Sophia:
As a busy mom Sophia barely has any free time for herself. So every help, even a little, does help when it comes to keeping the home clean and organized.


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