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How to ENJOY your life in The Hague!

For everyone entering a new country, in this case, the Netherlands, I always advise to get all the information you can as quickly as you can…
When I arrived here in 2005, I didn’t know anyone. I was the accompanying partner, mother of a son, not really knowing where to start but determined to enjoy my time here!

Fast forward 12 years (can’t believe it’s been that long already!!!), I have learnt a lot about this country, about myself, about what many other internationals and expats look for when starting their next chapter of their life in this country.

As became an intercultural consultant, I train new families in The Hague area and help them settle in easier at Ute’s International Lounge.

Last year I designed a special program for those who are new in The Hague called ENJOY your life in The Hague which has been a great success !

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You can directly access some introductory videos and files about The Hague on my site by filling out the form (cfr. picture on the left) and if you want to join my ENJOY your life in The Hague program consisting in 2 x 2hrs meetings (online and in person) where you get more personalized information and insider tips, and learn some basic Dutch, you can join me on the 25th of September 2017. Find more details about this here or contact me at




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