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Expat Blog which has been launched in 2005, provides information and advice to those living or wishing to live in the Netherlands.

The website was first launched as a directory of expatriates’ blogs all around the world. During 10 years of service, it has evolved into a real social network for expats in the Netherlands with new features added to better serve expats and address their needs.

This site has evolved and changed the whole layout lately.
It now provides expats with a dedicated space to find all they need to live in the Netherlands. You can discover their expat experience on the forum or by reading their interviews. What you also can find on this site are: job offers, all kinds of information regarding formalities, visas etc., housing ads and much more!

This is also a great platform to get
in touch with other expats living nearby and meet them. And: you can organise events! is indeed a comprehensive and free tool to help you throughout your expat project.

Life in the Hague

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