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Health care providers all over the world: help to find, add and rate them

Many internationals struggle when relocating, to find a proper health care provider and this being one of the basic needs one really wants to be met, I was really glad when, a follower of this blog, Jeroen van de Velde, recently offered to write a post about health care providers all over the world


With more than 230 Million people living outside of their country of origin one could say the expat-community is the 5th largest imaginary country in the world. For most of these people having access to good quality care is on the top of their priority list, yet finding it seems to be somewhat cumbersome.

  • Where do I find addresses of health care providers in a language I understand?
  • Which of these providers are close to me?
  • Which of them are recommendable? …are just some of the questions many expats pose themselves.

Looking in local listings in a foreign language or getting recommendations from local population is often not really what the expatriate requires.

Medihoo believes that every expat should have easy access to quality care around the globe. Therefore an easy to use health provider search tool has been created under Here the expat can find, add and rate more thatn 4 million health care providers with more than 1000 different types of health care providers like physicians, opticians, dentists, physical therapists, transport services and many more around the world.

But it is more than just a search tool, it is a health community where expats help each other to find good health care providers around the world. Hence Medihoo’s appeal to the Expat community:

  • Help others to find a good doctor, hospital, nurse, optician or any other kind of health care provider.
  • Share you experiences! Make your favorite health care provider visible to the world.

BECOME PART OF MEDIHOO’S COMMUNITY Improve transparency, accessibility and quality of health care all over the world: • Add good health care providers in your region. • Support good providers by giving them a positive rating. Family, friends, colleagues but also other citizens, expatriates, travellers from all over the world will be interested in providers YOU recommend.

Millions of people use the internet each day. In your country several thousand people will use internet today to find a good health care provider! Help them to choose!

Medihoo’s Motto: Let’s Share Good Care

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  1. Hello,

    My name is Kerti and I’m writing on behalf of Just Landed and our blog Expat Family Health. I think this blog post is really interesting and we would like to know more about the mentioned health care provider Do you have any direct contact details perhaps? Thank you in advance!

    All the best

  2. Hello Kerti,
    I’m really glad you liked this page and want to know more about it. Jeroen, who is the founder of Medihoo, contacted me and you can contact him either through LinkedIn or the page.
    All the best,

  3. Just had a look at their site and I can already see how much potential is there for this kind of portal! It will definitely give those living and working abroad more transparency when looking after their own health and maybe their families health. Lets Share Good Care…nailed it! Awesome!

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