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Do you find it hard to get back to your (family) routine in 2015?

If you find it hard to get back to your family routine, the main reason is the “time”. During holidays we tend to be less strict with our time schedule and getting back to “normal” feels difficult. Especially in the morning. Therefore getting back to our routines focusses mainly on the morning hours.


Routine is “a set of customary or unchanging and often mechanically performed activities or procedures“, therefore time and stress managment is crucial. Like with all kind of routines and schedules, it’s good for most people to have time under control. This gets obviously more difficult if more people are involved in our routine. Therfore families do well to set strict(er) rules.
In my latest post on AngloInfo about “5 tips for getting back into routine after the holidays” I mention things like setting the clock a bit earlier in the morning, preparing things in the evening before and generally trying to be earlier in every activity that needs to be done, because it saves us precious time in the morning, or as my mother used to say:

Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today (or: A stich in time saves nine)

What do you do to make your morning or after-holiday routine feel easier?

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  1. It’s a good question! I think first of all we don’t deviate too far away from the routine even during the hols. We still get up together, have breakfast together and follow similar evening routines. Only the kids not going to school changes really. That said, there are slips and relaxation of rules I guess so as term approaches again we start getting back into gear a few days beforehand so the shock of routine again isn’t too unbearable!

    • We do the same, usually: we try to keep the same rythm during the day, i.e. more or less the time we get up in the morning etc., but when we visit or have guests, this changes… But (trying) to get back into gear a few days beforehand saved is something we do to. And I must confess that I do need this, two days before all starts again to get into the right mood and avoid the shock 😉

  2. Time is definitely a problem for us. We are ending our vacation with the in-laws in a few days. We’ll be fighting jet lag when we return, but since my kids are school age and they go to school – this will help all of us. HA!

  3. Oh yes, jetlag… I know many kids fight it and litterally fall asleep in school. But not only because of jetlag, also because they simply did “too much” the days before. MaDonna, I wish you a short jet lag and a great start into 2015! 😉

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