My blog received the Liebster Award

Marta from “Baby Blues and Rock’n Roll” assigned my blog the Liebster Award! I am particularly thrilled to receive it by Marta who not only lives in the Netherlands like me, but also comes from Italy. – Che bella combinazione!

For those who don’t know how this works, the Liebster award is assigned by other bloggers who like your blog and think it’s worth to be awarded.

The person who nominates you asks you 11 questions. You answer them and then you nominate another 11 bloggers and ask them your own 11 questions and you notify them of the nomination. – And the Award flows on.

And here are Marta’s questions…:

* Sex, Drugs or Rock’N’Roll? Choose one.

Ha, I’d say Rock’N’Roll. – Why? Well, let’s say because my children read my blog… and because my other half and I did Rock’N’Roll before we had kids…

* If you could undo one thing you have done in your past, what would it be?

To be honest, I don’t think there is any real thing I would undo. – Of course, like everyone not all the decisions I took were the right ones but somehow it all turned out to be fine. – It’s more what I would have liked to have done differently: I’ve moved a lot and sometimes didn’t take the time to say goodbye to friends; mainly because I thought that I wouldn’t be gone for long, that I would come back. – This way I ended up leaving “forever” and loosing some of them, alas, forever.

* Piercing or Tattoo, and where?

I would really like to get a nice Tattoo, only that I really don’t like needles…

* What was the best year of your whole life and why?

It’s a tough one. There are many “best years” so far. The year I got married, got my first “real” job, the one I went to live in Florence, the year my son was born, the year we moved to the Netherlands, and the year my girls were born… The last two years, where I finally get the impression to be “on board” again of my professional life. All these years are “the best” for different reasons.

* Fast forward five years: where are you and what are you doing?

I’m  still here, hopefully, with my family, all healthy… and doing what I like. I try not to focus on the future. Too many things happen in very short time and lately I’m pretty much aware that one moment can change everything…

* Hair on men’s chests, yay or nay?

No hair, please… 😉

* If you were to choose one book that you consider your darling, which one would it be?

My at-the-moment-darling-book is Marilyn Gardners’ book Between Worlds. I love her style and at almost every page of her book I felt that she was writing what I tried to express myself (check out her blog!).

* Do you enjoy hiding in wardrobes, especially in the tall part, where the coats hang?

No, not anymore. When playing hide and seek as a child: yes, of course. I even tried to hide putting on the coats on a hanger: quite scary for those who found a “moving” coat in the wardrobe!

* Describe briefly your biggest cooking fuckup.

I love cooking and I am a fantasy cooker, so you won’t find a dish that “goes wrong”. – Still thinking…

* If you could be a movie character and live their life as it is in the movie, which one would it be?

I guess this would be a superhero. It doesn’t matter which one. I just would love to have one super-power for a day or two and then, please, go back to normal because this is only fiction.

* What is the thing you love best about your life as it is?

I really like NOT to know what comes next. I like challenges and I love to live day by day. I enjoy this especially because in the past I wasn’t like that. I’ve spent many years worrying, planning and trying to control what comes next. But recently I find that living day by day is the best for me.

 And these are the 11 question I ask other bloggers:

1) How does a good day look like for you?

2) What is your favourite author and why?

3) Do you have a favourite plant ?

4) Dog or cat? – Why?

5) Seaside or mountain?

6) If you could choose where to live, where would this be and why?

7) Are you a morning or an evening person?

8) Do you like to bake or to cook?

9) Which is your favourite mean of transportation?

10) Mac or PC?

11) If you could start a new blog, what would it be about?


And these are my nominees (in alphabetical order 😉 ):

1) Amanda from Expat Life with a Double Buggy

2) Daniela from Malaikatravel

3) Galina from Raising a Trilingual Child

4) Irina from Good to be mom

5) Isabelle from Aventures d’Expat

6) Jonathan Ervine from Dad’s the way I like it

7) Lana from Smart Tinker

8) Maria from Trilingual Mama

9) Olga from European Mama

10) Rina from Finding Dutchland

11) Stephen Greene from Head of the Heard

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  1. Really liking NOT knowing what comes next is a difficult art to master! I hope to get there eventually… For the moment I’m still stuck on the worrying and planning level.
    Loved your answers! 🙂

  2. Really liking NOT to know what comes next is a difficult art to master! I really hope I will be able to do that eventually… for the moment I’m still stuck on the planning and worrying level!
    Loved your answers 🙂

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