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To a new mum of three…

Olga from european mama recently had her first son and third child. When she asked some of the multiculturalkidblog bloggers to contribute with a post in order to give her a bit of time to adapt to the new situation, I decided to write a post with some advices for a new mum of three.

Having one child is exciting and can be overwhelming. With the second child we think we already know it all. But every child is different, so we re-learn several things or even discover them for the first time. When we have the chance to have a third child, all this changes again. With every new child, each member of the family needs to reconfirm their role or adapt to it’s new one.  – Especially for the mum it’s a very demanding job. And it’s incredibly tough when you have two or three (!) children in diapers.

Olga had an amazing start with her boy and I’m very impressed about how she managed to still write inspiring posts and take care of three children under 4.

I can only say “chapeau!” or “tanto di cappello!” (hat tip)! – You can find my modest advices here.

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  1. Hello Ute, I am glad I found you too. (Thanks for commenting in my blog). It seems like we do have a lot in common, my father is Swiss, I grew up in Mexico, then I went to university in Switzerland and now I find myself in The Netherlands. So, yes, I also feel the multiculturalism as every place I have lived holds a place in my heart and you never stop learning!

    I look forward to reading you, and hope you are enjoying the sunny weather this weekend!

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