Take a (Easter) Break

My daugther did tell me something the other day that made me think. We did a role play and she was the doctor. When I told her that I had headache, a running nose and was quite tired, instead of prescribing me some medicine, she told me this:

“You should play more with your children and not spend more than 30 minutes on the computer per day. And you should drink lots of tea and rest, rest a lot!”.

These 30 minutes on the computer are the maximum I allow my children per day during the week, so this timeframe seemed very obvious to me. But the way she said this did hit me. She had this precocious, admonishing gaze, that made me feel guilty and I suddenly pictured myself as an old woman who’s taking advice from her daughter. I had this strange fast-forward feeling that I have everytime I observe my children having these leaps forward in development.

Actually, I did work a lot lately. I’m working and writing a lot, not only for this blog, and I was pretty busy the last couple of weeks so I think my children did see me on the computer way too often.

Therefore I’ll take her advice, drink lots of tea, rest (a lot!), spend as much time with my children as I can do and work only 30 minutes a day on the computer. – I will still read and answer your comments, but I’ll not write any post for the next few days. It’s Easter Break anyway and we’re supposed to spend this time with family, right? And even if you’re not celebrating Easter, you’ll maybe find a way to spend more time with your children too, just for them. Just for you.

Please watch this very inspirational video, and maybe you’ll join me and take a break too?


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  1. I can totally relate…our poor kids, I let them watch only 2 episodes a day on tv of their favourite cartoons but sit at the computer every free minute I have…thanks for reminding me.
    Frohe Ostern meine liebe Ute!!!

  2. working parents all have the same problem, I think… I often feel guilty because I dont’ spend enought time with my kids… Otherwise, I think parents, especially mums, should spend enough time just with themselves. And children should accept, that mums are also women with a life among their children!
    (spero che il mio inglese si capisca… sto imparando :-))

    • Welcome, Silvia! Oh yes, I think the same way. I need me-time, regularly and… a lot. But when my kids are home, I try to spend as much time as possible with them. They know that if mum has to work, they have to respect it as much as I do respect when they want to stay alone (and they do). – Non abbiamo mai parlato in inglese insieme, ma non dubito che tu sia bravissima anche in questo! 😉

  3. It’s amazing how we tend to get so busy that we forget the little things that are so much more important! (I can still remember being in first grade and my mother checked me out of school to go see a MOVIE! 40 years later, I can still remember rounding the corner to the secretary’s office and seeing my mom there. I thought I was in trouble for something but she just giggled and said “Come on! We are going to the movies!”) One of my favorite memories. Have a wonderful Spring Break and Happy (belated) Easter!

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