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About vaccinations in the Netherlands

When you move to another country with children, you need to be informed about the vaccination programms of your new host country. As every country has its own programm (even in EU!) it is very important to check the vaccinations of your children when moving.

On the site of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, you can find several informations about the vaccination schedules in the EU countries.

This is the actual Vaccinatieschema. Please go to this site to see what the comments and notes for the single entries are (in Dutch).Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-25 um 09.25.50

In the Netherlands, the general practitioner (GP)  and the consultatieburo takes care of children under 4. They schedule regular checks and inoculations. For all children from 4 to 19 years, there is the GGD (Gemeentelijke Gezondheitsdienst), a municipal health service that covers all aspects of children’s growth and development.

As the childhood immunisations differ from country to country and the scheme did change quite often during the last 10 years in the Netherlands, it’s good to check whether the Dutch immunisation scheme is the same as the one from the country you’re moving from. Especially if your children are still school age.


Please find more informations about the dutch healthcare system here

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  1. Don not forget the important fact that vaccination is VOLUNTARY in The Netherlands and no explanations must be given for a refusal to vaccinate your kids.

    • Yes, it is on a voluntary basis. Thanks for pointing this out. – Although, as soon as a child attends a daycare/preschool/school parents need to tell if their children are vaccinated or not. That’s all.

    • Thank you, Putinreloaded!

      I think the article really should *start* by saying vaccination is voluntary in the Netherlands.

      But an edit note at the end would suffice.

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