A conversation among kids (about mum)

Having dinner all together, the children end up talking about birthday presents.

Daughter 1: I know, I know: We’ll get her (= mum!) a punchingball. She always wanted one.

Daughter 2: Oh yes, that’s a great idea! – But we don’t have to tell her.

Mum: (astonished gaze to the children…)

Daughter 1: But it’s going to be a while until she’ll get that…

All three children look at mum and smile.

Son: Oh, she will surely forget it until then.

Mum thinks: I think I got off at the wrong station! Not only they think I need to blow off steam, but they also think I’m starting to be forgetful…

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  1. Thanks Ingrid, for stopping by and I’m glad the post made you smile 😉
    I should write down this kind of conversations more often: they are so precious! It’s so funny when my children talk about me this way while I’m there…

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