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More „Things to say to“…

A few days ago I published a post about „5 Things to say to a twin mum“ and was amazed on how many feedbacks I received. I would like to thank all those who took the time to read the post and to leave a reply.

I also did invite to publish posts about „what to say“ instead of „what not to say“ and Olga did already write a brilliant post about what to say to parents of bilingual children here.

I did a quick research on the net about posts on „what to say“ about different topics and found it very interesting that most of the times, the authors of these posts did write them in addition to former „what not to say“-posts they published. Here is a first list:

Things to say to parents of children with autism, special care babies, children with special needs. There are suggestions about what to say to a sick friend, a depressed loved one, a cancer patient.

Do you have any suggestions about topics you would like to read a „What to say“ or „Things to say“ post about?

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