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European Day of Languages

For the second time I played an active part at the European Day of Languages ( see about this here) at my childrens’ school.

12 Languages were represented in a sort of Language Village and children from the whole Senior School had the opportunity to walk around and taste these languages.

They were prepared to say several sentences in all these languages and I was amazed on how engaged they were and how brilliant they did their tasks.

They had to order food in italian, french and spanish. They booked a trainticket in rumanian and a camping in portuguese. They designed a hotel in spanish. They could rent a boat in danish and they visited a polish postoffice, a greek museum, a german visitors center, a dutch bicylce shop, a russian travel agency, an english border agency.

This day gave me (once again!) such a wonderful insight into how much motivating such an opportunity can be for children. These over 800 children had no fear to approach these languages and did it in an amazing way. I would just like to tell all the parents who worry about the language proficiency of their children: there is no thing more powerful than dedication and passion!

These children did brilliant performances and with a little bit of positive reinforcement, also the shyest child can talk all these languages with a smile!

I’m proud to be part of this community and will always do my best to support all those children in their linguistic journey.

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